Park House (Denver, CO)

We were recently asked to play at a charity event in support of an organization called mindful music.  Our set consisted of three songs (two originals and one cover) that we have been working on for an cd.  The event started at noon and we took the stage a little after 1:30pm.  Our set lasted roughly 20 minutes.  Chadzilla on Drums, Alixe on Bass and Chad on Guitar.







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Waterton Revisited


We attended an open Mic night at the Waterton back in Feb of 2014.  We were able to perform three songs but were invited back to do a full 3 hr set.  That was set for a night in March but our Drummer became ill on the day of the show and had to cancel.  We were rescheduled for May 3rd.  During that time we had been asked by a friend to play with her on an upcoming outdoor concert which we were happy to do.  In preparation for that we asked her to come on board for the second part of our set.

Since we weren’t really prepared to do an entire 3 hr set we split the set with another band.  Lucky for us this band had more equipment then I had ever seen and had the place wired for lights and sound.  What a treat.  Here is AC/ZC (with and without Maggie Coalson) 90 minute set.  Enjoy.

Playlist for AC/ZC w Maggie Coalson Link


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Effects Pedal Rack

After playing in a band for about 3 years now I have come to rely on my effects pedal board.  The board is always the battleground for space and power.  I have a Fuel Tank with 8 separate power lines, however one of the pedals is 18v and requires two.  As a result I can fit 7 pedals which is exactly what my pedal board will hold with the Fuel Tank mounted underneath.





IMG_20150426_104412Here you can seem my power supply velcro’d under the rack (has a fulltone sticker on it) and the octopus cables.

IMG_20150426_104539The signal will come in at the upper Right corner, travel through the top row, then jump to the lower right hand corner and continue across the bottom row.  What effects get put in and which are left out are never easy decisions but mandated by space and power.



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We were in the middle of rehearsal and just took a break…

Gotta love cortez…

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Waterton Tavern

AC/ZC recently had the opportunity to play at open Mic night at Waterton Tavern.  What a treat.  There were about 7 bands and 50+ people attending.  We played fourth and we’re able to do about 3 songs.  Good times.  It was a lesson in setting up in a small space, being flexible then rocking the joint.

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Rehearsal 12072013

Started on Come Together – Beatles

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Moe’s BBQ Revisited – Don’t need no doctor

Here is the first video we were able to recover.  A cover of John Mayer’s cover of Ray Charles “Don’t need no doctor”.  Brought to the band by my wife, it took us a couple of rehearsals to break it down, but once we did we really enjoyed performing this song.

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Moes BBQ (revisited) 10-20-2013


AC/ZC performed on Oct. 20, 2013.  We were part of a 4 band show.  The band consisted of my wife Alixe (Bass), Son Cian (Guitar), Myself (Guitar) and our fabulous drummer and vocalist Chadzilla…

Unfortunately we were on the receiving end of a couple technical issues with recording, but we were able to salvage these mp3’s from a recorder in the audience…

Almost cut my hair – CSNY

Who is he – Bill Withers

The thrill is gone – BB King

Don’t need no doctor – John Mayer

Stranglehold – Ted Nugent

Setting up at Moe's

Setting up at Moe’s

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Permanence ain’t easy

Fooling around with the root and b7 of a scale…  also playing with the sound of bongos and a regular drum set.

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A minor metal rhythm track

Just a random track we kind of liked playing to.

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